A Natural Frame for the San Gabriel Mountains

Arcadia, CA–From cacti to peacocks, the Los Angeles County Arboretum & Botanic Garden is a place for good feelings to ‘super bloom’. Peace, love and creativity accompanied me as I walked the site.

My first visit there was mid-April, 2017. I appreciated the place for being somewhere beautiful to take a walk in Southern California. I saw the iconic palette of California poppy and other wild flowers during that time of year.

The sight and sound of a waterfall, the aromas of a rose garden and other plants, free roaming peacocks and squirrels and the presence of it’s City’s history were the standouts during that visit.

The pictures were shot with an iPhone. Looking forward to experimenting with photography by shooting with a prosumer camera starting July 2017.


Handmade Love Monument in SoCal Desert


I first saw Salvation Mountain featured in the movie ‘Into the Wild’. I later realized the folk art was located not too far off a route my family takes on some road trips to visit other family members. I wanted to visit the colorful patch that is contrasted with much of it’s surroundings. I had a chance to visit on an afternoon trip in mid-April 2017.


The pictures were shot with an iPhone camera. Looking forward to shooting with a prosumer camera in the future.