LA Art Show


LOS ANGELES-The LA Art Show started over twenty years ago and offers a variety of art forms to experience. The current venue is the City’s convention center, which offers a spacious place for the event that exhibits mostly contemporary art.

LA Art Show Producer/Partner, Kim Martindale said the art is from 18 different countries.

“Over 100 different galleries are presenting their work, and there is a large range of museum involvement this year, which is really exciting— with installations and performance work, which is something that is unique to a moment. That’s a reason to come to the show, to see that unique moment or installation.” He said.

Artist, David Lloyd Glover, agrees that those components are among the most popular. “Opening night they have performance art and that is usually memorable. It’s nothing you can buy and take home with you, but it’s an interesting experience.” He said.

Although Glover likes to see the latest in contemporary art, “The part that I enjoy the most is the 19th and 20th century masters. However, for a city like Los Angeles, you really need cross-cultural exposure of different kinds of art, because we are a polyglot of different cultures and different ethnicities.” He said.

“You are probably going to find something you respond to, whether it is a Dansaekhwa art from Korea, which has grown in popularity over the last three years, to really avant-garde pop art or low brow art in a section of the show called Littletopia.” Martindale said.

Martindale added, “We also have a section of the show—Roots, which harks back to the beginning of the LA art show—those pieces, some say, might be a little more accessible because they are more realistic in their approach.”

“We have a section of prints that are affordable. You can start a collection or at least take home that piece—that unique thing that probably nobody else has. It’s not something (the event) that if you are afraid that you aren’t a collector, you shouldn’t go—it’s a place to come and enjoy and I do think that you’ll probably respond to something that you enjoy and are going to want to take home with you .” Martindale said.

LA Art Show organizers anticipated 70,000 attendees throughout the 5-day event, which include loyal visitors from the Inland Empire.

“For Southern California, it’s really the only international art fair you’re going to find. If you want to see leading art from around the world, you really have to come to this show in order to experience it.” Said Glover.

The next LA Art Show is scheduled for January 2018